The backstory on our format

With offline events canceled right now, as speakers we wanted to experiment with a new online format. We crave the good questions and hallway conversations that online doesn't usually deliver. The format we want to try involves Facilitators (presenters) and Panelists (attendees).


  • Lead discussion on a topic in which you are a subject matter expert
  • Present demos (it's okay to fail)
  • Encourage discussion, and questions from panelists
Facilitators are encouraged not to use slides. We value your unique expertise over a polished presentation. It is the role of the panelist to come prepared and ask the right questions!


  • Have a working mic and video!
  • Jump in and ask questions, answer questions and drive a good conversation.
Panelists are not expected to be experts, and even if you are... leading questions are encouraged to help the flow of conversation. We just want you to participate!

Both Facilitators and Panelists agree to be recorded. Videos will be posted here at a later date.


Upcoming Events

  • We're taking a break. We'll be back in January 2021 with more AMAs.
Suggest a new topic!

Past Presentations

DB AMA is organized by @morgo, @lefred and @lizztheblizz and created with the support of PlanetScale.

We can be reached in #dbama on the MySQL Community Slack.